In - Always in our hearts

  • Cheryl Lovely lit a candle on 07/12/2019:
    "I miss you. I miss our conversations. Its hard to believe your not with us anymore. "

  • Cheryl Lovely lit a candle on 11/02/2019:
    "Hey there mom we just had our first Thanksgiving without you. It was tough. But we were all together minus dad. He couldn't make it. All of our birthdays are going to hit starting this week then christmas. Thats going to be a tough one too. We are ok. Still... We miss you "

  • Cheryl Lovely lit a candle on 04/19/2019:
    "Oh mom there's so much to tell you.... But I'm sure you already know as your watching over us. I miss you terribly and I'm trying to be strong. I've been dreaming of you... And in my dreams I save you. Then I wake up and reality hits me in the face. I do realize that life and death is beyond our physical world and it's not up to us. I need some advice on some things so I just have to ask myself... What would my mom say... Then it falls out of my mouth.. oh ya that's what I should do. So I teach the lessons you taught me and lead by example. Thank you mom. The Last lesson you taught me was to love hard forgive and forget.... It's only stuff ... Until we meet again"


About Josephine Czaplinski

Josie was born to William and Alice Lavallee (nee Appleyard) in Saint Laurent. Josie loved music and dancing up a storm. Josie loved her family, playing cards, and wearing her favorite leopard print. Josie's smile and laughter filled the room. Near or far, family was always in her heart. Josie was a strong woman who was one of the first female welders in Canada. She built Greyhound bus' and heavy duty John Deere tractors., just to name a couple of her many projects. Josie did things her own way, when it came to some problems. If there wasn't an obvious way way to solve an issue, she found a way around. Josie was a go getter as a mother of five, which she faced as a single mother a few times until she met the love of her life, Andrzej, who remained by her side until her last breath.